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Chaplains at Work

Chaplains are drawn from local churches and linked with a workplace or area to visit (usually) weekly with the purpose of offering friendly and supportive care to all. A chaplain’s main aim is to listen and take an interest in the people they meet and give comfort and compassion where needed. Over a period the chaplain will get to know and to be known and will be accepted as a caring friend.

Time spent with each person varies from a few moments to a few minutes which may be enough to catch up but if a longer conversation is needed arrangements can be made for a chat at a convenient time. In particularly busy periods conversation may be inconvenient or just impossible so the chaplain’s visit may be shorter than at other times.

Support for All

While the Chaplaincy is unashamedly Christian there is no intention to 'preach' and support is offered to all, those of any faith or none. Anyone can turn to their chaplain for support and whilst chaplains are impartial and non-judgemental, caring for people rather than counselling them, they are able to suggest agencies for further help. All conversations are treated as confidential within the Chaplaincy (subject to UK law).

Impartial and Confidential

Impartiality means that the chaplain does not operate on behalf of an employer but in the interest of all. Similarly, consideration is given to the welfare of everyone, at all levels, regardless of status or seniority. Confidentiality covers anything that may be seen or heard in workplaces including personal details and anything to do with the operation of an organisation.   

Visits to workplaces are always planned in consultation with managers and last as long as convenient. We are acutely aware that the function or profitability of an organisation must not be hindered in any way; in fact the added support of a regular visit will contribute to the welfare of the staff, the most valuable asset in any enterprise.

Learn More About It

This short video was produced by the Methodist Church to show chaplains at work.

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