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The Team

 Veronica Bowers Tim Bowers  Sue Burr  Elaine Cox Tony Cox

 Veronica Bowers

Northway House Care Home Chaplain

Tim Bowers

Town Centre Chaplaincy

Sue Burr 

Rail Responder

Elaine Cox  

Food Bank Chaplaincy support

 Tony Cox 

Parks Chaplain

 Ann Cross  David Fayle  Margaret Gibbins  Andy Hall - County Hall  Hazel Hare

 Ann Cross 

Calway House Care Home Chaplain 


David Fayle  

ASDA Chaplain

 Margaret Gibbins 

Rail Responder, Debenhams and Farmers Market Chaplain

Andy Hall

Town Centre Chaplain

Hazel Hare  

Six Acres and Town Centre Chaplain


 Bob Hart  Betty Hindle  Susan Hounsell  Ewen Huffman  Barbara Long

 Bob Hart 

Netherclay House Care Home Chaplain

 Betty Hindle 

Market House and Town Centre Chaplaincy

 Susan Hounsell  

Sainsbury's (Hankridge) Chaplain

 Ewen Huffman

Taunton Deane & West Somerset Councils Chaplain

Barbara Long 

County Hall Chaplain

 Rosie Marsh  Geoff Morton  June Morton  Mike Newberry  Adrian Prior-Sankey

 Rosie Marsh  

East Reach Chaplain

Geoff Morton  

Market House Chaplain

June Morton 

Tesco Chaplain

 Mike Newberry

Chaplain to the Marginalised

 Adrian Prior-Sankey

Rail Responder, UK Hydrographic  Office and Police Chaplain

 Steven Reed  Kate Taylor  Les Andrews  Pat Vittery  Mark Wiggins

 Steven Reed 

Reserve Forces and 40 Commando RM Chaplaincy support

 Kate Taylor

Rail Responder and Town Centre Chaplain

 Les Andrews

Town Centre Retail Chaplain 

 Pat Vittery 

Boots Chaplain

 Mark Wiggins 

Open Door Centre Chaplain












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