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What is a Christian?

A Christian is an ordinary person who has met with God. Their relationship with God is restored because of the death of Jesus Christ the Son of God. The way that God views us is like a father looking out for a long lost son or daughter, eager to meet with us and put an end to the separation.

The focus is on Jesus Christ, His life and death.

His Life

He lived like an ordinary person and showed us that living for God is possible – He had no human advantage, He got hungry and tired just like we do but the account of His life shows that He lived a flawless life. He showed love and compassion but spoke out against hypocrisy and corruption. He was a friend to friendless and a helper of the helpless.   

There were some who disliked Him. He didn’t respond with hatred or vengeance but showed kindness.

How much He relied on God is shown by the amount time He spent in prayer and when He taught His followers to pray He said “Our Father”, His intention was that His followers would know a relationship with God the Father like He did.

His Death

Any wrongdoing that we may have ever done stands between us and God for ever and without the removal of that barrier we are in desperate trouble. The plan to rescue us from the effects of our wrongdoing involved someone giving up His own life for us.

The problem was it needed to be someone that had no wrongdoings of their own. There is only one who could step in to help – Jesus Christ. He dealt with the separation caused by our wrongdoing in His horrific death at the hands of Roman executioners, nailed to a wooden cross.

Accounts written by His followers describe how, after this and despite some disbelief, they met Him, raised from the dead. The tomb was empty; He had paid the ultimate price and now lives again.

For more information have a look at; Christianity Explored


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