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Who Are We?

The people who form Taunton Team Chaplaincy are drawn from churches across Taunton. The group that has responsibility for the running of the scheme are the Taunton Team Chaplaincy Trust, formed in 2009 with a view to developing a Christian chaplaincy in the heart of our town. For more information about how that happened see the History page. The Trust Board meets regularly to monitor the operation and plan the development of the work.

Beyond the Trust Board the people involved in the work fall into 3 main groups, chaplains, the prayer team and financial supporters.


Chaplains are local Christians who have a heart for people and have been through a selection process including application, references and interview in order to become part of the team. New chaplains undergo a DBS check and a training programme equips them for the work with on-going support after placement with an employer. Some chaplains are ordained (a vicar or minister of some kind) and others are not.

Reporting to the Trust Board the Lead Chaplain is responsible for the day to day running of the team including involvement with selecting and training chaplains and liaison with employers and managers, the lead chaplain also develops and maintains links between the chaplaincy and others in the town.

Members of the Chaplaincy Team


A key element of the work is the prayer team who are regularly updated with details of the needs of the Chaplaincy. The team is a cross-church group who are committed to praying for the work.

From the formation of the Chaplaincy this has been a core activity. The example of Jesus Christ shows us that a dependence on our Father in heaven is demonstrated by taking things to Him in prayer, to see more about that go to the What is a Christian page.  

Financial Support

Others who have a direct contribution to the work are the financial supporters. These include local churches, individuals and other organisations e.g. the Diocese of Bath and Wells. We are very grateful for all financial contributions and strive to ensure that every penny that is donated is used wisely and effectively. For more on this go to the Financial Support page.

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